Hilmond Hui, Executive Director of BOMBYX, has been invited as a guest panelist to showcase the realisation of merging sustainability and profitability in the fashion industry at the ‘Where Sustainability and Profitability Meet – ESG Panel’ during the Immersive Wealth and Wellness Summit organised by Blackhorn Wealth Management.

As international businesses increasingly adopt ESG practices, it has become evident that sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity. Companies that fail to embrace sustainable practices face challenges in access to financing and risk alienating their customers, thereby impacting their profitability in this global trend. Recognising the significance of sustainability, PFGHL has been at the forefront of ESG operations for decades, prioritising sustainability in garment manufacturing since the mid-90s, and subsequently establishing BOMBYX through backward integration. BOMBYX specialises in creating environmentally conscious textiles, offering Sustainable, Affordable, and Aspirational Silk.

‘At BOMBYX, our commitment goes beyond preserving the land; we strive to revive our mulberry farms in Sichuan, China.  By combining Regenerative Agriculture principles with traditional techniques and modern technologies, we protect the land and foster the restoration of self-sustaining ecosystems. We set new standards through transparent business practices and a trusted supply chain, integrating socially and environmentally responsible approaches to benefit all stakeholders, communities, and nature,’ says Hilmond. This integrated approach has positioned PFGHL as a sustainable pioneer, earning the trust and recognition of its business partners over the decades, thereby fostering lasting relationships.

 The summit provides an invaluable platform for industry leaders, like Hilmond, to inspire and drive change towards a more sustainable and profitable future.


PFGHL, beginning with trading and implementing backward integration, prioritises environmental and social sustainability. The factories and facilities are strategically built with energy efficiency in mind. Through seamless backward integration, PFGHL provides a one-stop service to customers including product development, textile production, dyeing, weaving, and garment manufacturing. Passionate about the fashion industry, PFGHL cares for people, communities, and minimises environmental impact by offering affordable quality products and innovative solutions to customer worldwide. To learn more about PFGHL


Founded in 2018, BOMBYX is an innovative silk supplier and textile manufacturer. BOMBYX understands that innovation and profitability do not have to come at the expense of the well-being of our planet and people. Through their commitment to innovation and core principles of sustainability, BOMBYX is radically shifting traditional perceptions of silk by having a new approach on how it’s produced and consumed.  Based in Hong Kong with operations in mainland China, BOMBYX takes pride in their network of ecologically conscious partners and communities. Through originality and commitment to innovation and advocacy, the company strives to make silk a clean, aspirational, affordable, and sustainable material for our industry and the world to wear proudly. To learn more about BOMBYX.