Daily practices in sustainability

BOMBYX incorporates the concept of “environmentally-conscious production” into every step of silk-making, to ensure sustainable livelihoods in the community. Working towards European Union’s organic agricultural certification standards, we are constantly seeking responsible ways in using Planet Earth’s natural resources, so as to mitigate any kind of destruction to our environment and our communities.

Awarded: Bluesign ,LEED, TGI.

Joined member of Higg index, SAC, SFBC

Our facilities in Nanchong extracts most of its electricity from on-site solar panels.

Innovation is one of BOMBYX’s core vision. We aspire to bring about convenience and efficiency to our operations without any negative impact on our environment.


Differentiating ambition within silk industry to be sustainable and transparent


Silkworms are raised and harvested at an eco-friendly organic agriculture
base, with a positive environmental and social impact.


We built an entire industrial chain for the clothing industry, from mulberry
tree planting and silkworm farming, to reeling and weaving


Expansion of supply chain with as much sustainability ideology as well can