We aspire to be an ecologically-conscious and transparent organization who will lead the industry by offering sustainable, affordable and aspirational silk textiles. At BOMBYX, we believe that innovative silk production will bring about more sustainable growth in the industry. Our commitment in the values of Sustainability and Affordability offers clarity in this vision and demonstrates our responsibility towards all stakeholders in the society.


BOMBYX creates environmentally conscious textiles through best practices in the industry. We set new standards through our transparent business practices and trusted supply chain by integrating social and environmentally responsible approaches to benefit all stakeholders, communities and nature.


Brand Story


Silk Enlightened

Formed in 2018, BOMBYX is an innovative silk supplier and textile manufacturer who aims to disrupt the norms perceived in the textile industry. We understand that innovation and profitability do not have to come at – the expense of nature’s well-being. With a mission to command best practices from production to consumption, the people behind BOMBYX believe that the sustainability of a business is synonymous with being kind of the environment, as well as upholding transparency and fair trade.

Through our film commitment to innovation and ethical principles, BOMBYX commits to setting the bar for the industry by radically shifting the traditional perception and approaches on how silk is produced, traded and consumed. These values influence our organization on every level. BOMBYX takes pride in our network of ecologically conscious partners, clients, and communities. Through originality, communication and advocacy, we strive to make silk an aspirational, affordable, and sustainable material.

Milestone & Future Plan

BOMBYX completed the construction of an eco-friendly organic sericulture base at Nanchong’s Yilong County in 2018. According to our projection, the base will be able to farm a minimum of 700 tons of fresh cocoons every year.


Differentiating ambition within silk industry to be sustainable and transparent


Silkworms are raised and harvested at an eco-friendly organic agriculture
base, with a positive environmental and social impact.


We built an entire industrial chain for the clothing industry, from mulberry
tree planting and silkworm farming, to reeling and weaving


Expansion of supply chain with as much sustainability ideology as well can