Every step counts

Every piece of silk is a tapestry of intricate processes that come together to create the perfect fabric. We understand that the art is in the details, which is the key in making the creative process infinitely rewarding.

From silk reeling to degumming, BOMBYX believes that every step can be improved upon. This includes the upholding the safety and quality standards in the operation of machineries. Environmentally-certified weaving machine, as well as supercritical carbon dioxide dyeing machine are vital in maintaining strict environmental standards.

Doing our best to protect our plannet

10,000 square meters of solar panels were built at Nan Chong. The
dyeing facility will be finished by 2019 with water recycle facilities included, with which 90% waste water can be recycled.


Differentiating ambition within silk industry to be sustainable and transparent


Silkworms are raised and harvested at an eco-friendly organic agriculture
base, with a positive environmental and social impact.


We built an entire industrial chain for the clothing industry, from mulberry
tree planting and silkworm farming, to reeling and weaving


Expansion of supply chain with as much sustainability ideology as well can