Exceptional silk begins with a clean environment and passionate growers

BOMBYX has selected Nanchong’s Yilong County, located in the Northeast of China’s Sichuan Province as the central farming and factory site. Nanchong’s Yilong County has roots in sericulture going back to the original Silk Road. Its climate and terrain offer the best agricultural and manufacturing conditions in meeting BOMBYX’s stringent criteria for silk production.

The main agricultural techniques and standards applied to organic silkworm farming will include the following five categories:


Technical standards for planting of mulberry trees


Regenerative agricultural technology


Mulberry field production technology and management


Sericulture technical standards & standardization


Large-scale production technology management

The utilization of advanced technologies forward methods and rigorous quality control have enabled BOMBYX to achieve comprehensive and sustainable conservation of the atmosphere, water and soil.

Several elements in the environment-soil, rainfall, altitude, pickers, equipment etc., all play critical roles in the intricacies of how a cocoon is formed. We collaborate with a select group bona-fide grower and encourage them to utilize the best available natural resources and methods to grow mulberry trees, as well as the cultivation of silkworms for the best harvests. This inadvertently leads to increased market share and profitability for the whole supply chain.


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