The soil is our treasure chest

It is our promise to produce every piece of silk fabric based upon the principles and practices of regenerative agriculture. BOMBYX is committed to employ the latest technologies and practices that also regenerate and revitalize the soil as well as the environment, in order to increase production, farmers’ income and especially, top soil.

A commitment to all stakeholders

BOMBYX pledges our commitment to our customers, employees, communities and the environment. We ensure that our production runs in safe, fair, legal working environments and under humane working conditions.

Through education, we create opportunities

BOMBYX aims to provide a better future for our communities. We have created education programs dedicated to advancing careers of our employees. We aim to inspire to our employees to become passionate about the work they do.
We also created a tailor-made program to train local farmers with both technical and soft skills, prepare them to become qualified line leaders. Topic range from introduction of agriculture and sericulture, to mulberry cultivation, silkworms protection and silkworms improvement.