Hong Kong, Sept. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Despite rapid and dramatic changes in the Chinese silk market, Bombyx, a China-based organic silk manufacturer, has announced its pricing and product supply are expected to remain stable. Bombyx attributes this projection to its development of an integrated supply chain, as well as its commitment to teach farmers more sustainable farming techniques that restore soil vitality and produce a more consistent silk output.

“Bombyx has invested tremendous resources, time and energy into creating a vertically integrated supply chain that allows us to have more control over pricing for our customers while ensuring high quality and dependable quantities,” said Hilmond Hui, president of Bombyx. “Our dedication to sustainable processes and improved agricultural methods will help us expand market share by building dependable partnerships with our customers.”

Bombyx purchases high-quality raw and semi-finished materials from local farmers in Yilong County, with which it produces self-branded premium silk products in its own factories. As a result, the company has built an entire industrial chain for the clothing industry, from mulberry tree planting and silkworm farming, to reeling and weaving.

In many other traditional silk production communities, the amount of seed and silkworms available this fall are being reduced. This is primarily due to aging farmers, a gap between the price of the silkworm and the expectation of the silkworm farmers, increased pesticide use and decreasing available farmland.

These and other factors are creating uncertainties in current silk prices and complicating the industry outlook for the remainder of 2019.